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Introduction & Dedication

Welcome to A Mother's Legacy of Southern Cooking, For the Beginner and Experienced Cook, Volume Two! This is the second cookbook that I have authored and published. The first cookbook is entitled A Mother's Legacy of Southern Cooking and More and was prepared for my daughter Bailey as a gift to remember her grandmother (my mom), Barbara Griffith. I dedicate both cookbooks to Mom who lost her battle with cancer in 1997.

Bailey was only four years old when Mom died. Before Mom's passing, she was concerned that Bailey might not remember her. So, even though she was very sick from treatments, Mom would sit with Bailey, reading her books, sewing Barbie clothes with her, and having Bailey sing for her. I promised Mom that I would never let Bailey forget her. Therefore, since Mom was known to be a wonderful cook and we had talked about putting a cookbook together, I prepared the first cookbook. To fulfill another promise, I published the first cookbook to give to cancer-related charities, including the American Cancer Society. This cookbook (Volume Two) is just an extension of the first cookbook, and in keeping with my promises and in an attempt to make a difference, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this second cookbook will be given to cancer-related charities as well.

One of the reasons for preparing this second cookbook is that some family members and friends were a little upset when some of their favorite recipes that we have prepared over the years did not make it into the first cookbook.

Also, I have taught cooking classes over the years and have incorporated several topics in this second cookbook (i.e., table setting, table manners, cooking terms, etc.) that I taught in those classes. Several people have indicated that they need and want assistance with the basics of cooking. Therefore, this cookbook encompasses tips for the beginner cook, as well as recipes that can help the experienced cook too.

I hope you enjoy this cookbook!

Kathy Smith

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Expression of Appreciation

I cannot thank my family and friends enough for their support during the preparation of this cookbook! I especially want to thank my daughter Bailey. Bailey knows how important the promises I made to my mother are to me. Even though Bailey knew that the time it would take for me to create Volume Two would take away some of our playtime together, she still encouraged me to continue to share our family recipes. While I was preparing this cookbook, Bailey spent a lot of time in my office doing her homework, reading or writing, and it was great to have her around being a part of the process. I can just imagine if Mom was able to see us, how proud she would be of the both of us.

Also, I want to thank my dad and my sister Connie and her family. They have encouraged me to continue with this second cookbook. It takes quite a bit of time to prepare a cookbook and my family members have always been very supportive. During the preparation of this cookbook, Connie and I reminisced about recipes and memories of our time with Mom and learning to cook. Thank you, Connie, for always being there for me. And, Dad, you have given me so much love and encouragement over the years, I cannot ever thank you enough. Also, I could not ask for a better salesman for the cookbook(s) than you. Thank you, Dad, too, for always being there for Bailey and me.

In addition, I want to thank my extended family "The Smiths." Betty, I want to especially thank you, because if it were not for you, I probably would not have thought to publish the first cookbook. Your support and encouragement means a lot to me.

I want to thank my co-workers (and you know who you are) for your support, encouragement, and kindness during this process.

Bill, even though I was a total stranger to you, you offered your time and expertise in generating and updating my web site. I cannot thank you enough.

I appreciate you, Heather, for preparing the cover for this cookbook. I think you grasped exactly what I wanted to capture in the cover.

Further, I want to thank the entire staff at KATV Channel 7 for allowing me to cook from my cookbook(s) on your morning shows over the years. I was so nervous the first time I appeared on one of your morning shows; however, all of you were then (and remain) so kind that you immediately made me feel at ease. Since that first appearance, you have given me the opportunity to appear on a regular basis, and I feel honored to work with such a wonderful, caring group of people.

Thank you all for affording me the ability to keep the promises I made to Mom before she passed away, and hopefully, together we can make a difference! Kathy

Special Note(s)

As I indicated in the first cookbook, our family has always written on recipes to record special moments with our family and friends. So in this cookbook as well, I have included a "Special Note(s)" section on each recipe for you to record your favorite recipes, memories and when they took place.

In addition, I have included a few "Special Note(s)" of my own on certain recipes in this cookbook. I hope you find the Note(s) helpful.

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